Adventure Time Music Heroes

Here's few of my kids favorite things. Adventure Time Cartoon style with their musical heroes. My daughters were drawing pictures of Zappa, Dylan, and Hendrix- and it gave me the idea.



Here's my take on the classic gypsy from the Wolfman films.


Countdown to Halloween

This year I am part of a blog that is a collection of artists that celebrate the 31 days of October. Hopefully I'll be able to post some of the Halloween projects I am currently working on, so check back often!

The website is:



Here is an illustration that I did earlier this year for a marathon race in Seattle.


Halloween Portal

Here's my first piece for the Halloween Season.


Sideshow Banner

Here's a sideshow banner that I made for my backyard. It's acrylic on a 5'x7' canvas tarp. 
Ghost Bear is an elusive bear that lives in my neighborhood.

Here is the banner hanging on the outside of my house.


Bloody Mary

It's interesting that as children we like to taunt the supernatural. The tradition continues with my own children.


Spookshow poster 24x36 inches.

Between the 1930s-1960s movie theaters would have live shows that featured magicians performing magic tricks, séances, special effects and scary skits. This was at a time when people were unaware of how these seemingly incredible tricks were pulled off and it was a relatively new form of entertainment before the invention of the haunted attraction. Many of these spook shows doubled with horror movies and played at smaller movie theaters during the Halloween season or different parts of the year. Eventually these shows would incorporate bloody special effects and be referred to as Midnight Horror Shows. These shows were daring for their time, but would phase out by the end of the 1960s.


Walpurgis Night

Happy Walpurgis Night- It is exactly six months until Halloween!


Robert Johnson

Here a concept sketch for an animation I'm thinking of doing.


Scratch Built Castle

Here's the castle I built almost complete. I have a little more detail to add, but it's pretty much finished. Now onto something new.


Scratch Built Castle

For the last couple of weeks I have slowly building a tiny castle. It is about 7 inches tall, and is made out of wooden spools, coffee stir sticks, paint stirrers, toothpicks, and wooden matches. Currently I am working on the base.


Bella and Junebug

Here's a illustration of my 2 girls having a race in the front yard. They are both very fast!



Here's my treatment of the great F.W. Murnau 1922 movie classic Nosferatu.


Baron Samedi

Here's my illustration of one of the Loa in Hatian Voodoo- Baron Samedi. Read more about him here.

Thror's Map

My eldest daughter and I went to see the Hobbit on Christmas Eve, and we both found it amazing. I told her I was going to make  a copy of Thror's Map including the "moon runes". When you hold it up to the light, the runes show through the paper.  It was a fun project, but nerve-wracking.